1950’s Hairstyle


If you see in my profile picture, I loveeee 50’s inspired hairstyles. In order to succeed this look you need tons and tons of hair spray and bobby pins. Victory rolls and finger waves are my favorite. Check this video out http://www.youtube.com/user/ilovegerardo#p/c/86A28FC631033098/8/hqBQ3IVEJfc

ENJOY =] ❤


Hammer Time


I laugh at Mr. Mc Hammer himself, with his jeanie pants in his video “Can’t touch this”. But it doesn’t stop there jeanie pants is the new 2011 trend, to say I own a pair. So it’s like” 2011, Im back” the 90’s said.

Pastel Green is that Color… Tiffany’s!


“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is my favorite movie of all times. It was released in the 1960’s starting my favorite, fantastic, fabulous actress Audrey Hepburn. What makes this movie so special that even the most naive and dreams people can live their lives to the fullest and fall madly in love. Tiffany’s is the place for dreams and ambitious people to get away and dream about what they can have.

New Obsession


So lately I have a new obsession with vintage tees. There are so fashionable and you can through them on with anything. In fall 2011 you can throw them on with a pair on knee-high boots or dress it and wear a fluff ballerina skirt. Finish your outfit with awesome accessories to polish your look. Right now Clutchtees.com have a sale on vintage t-shirts for $10. Go shop and stay ahead with the trend.


Mod Icon: Twiggy


Twiggy represents mod. From 1960’s she rocked the mod scene being one of the most famous international super models of her time.Twiggy was soon seen in all the leading fashion magazines, commanding fees of 80 euros an hour, bringing out her own line of clothes called “Twiggy Dresses” in 1967, and taking the fashion world by storm. She is for me one of the most inspirational models of her time because besides of her boyish cut she wasn’t afraid to conquer the world with her unique style. Still till this day she walks with grace and is still being her original self and is respected everywhere.

Vintage inspiration used in Modern Times


Since I was about 16 years-old I noticed that current trends looked very familiar. Going through my mother’s photo albums, I realized that old trends were used in current fashion. Now it’s being used more and more every season. Now in fall 2011 the trend is 1970’s; Flared pants, fur vest, and loose chiffon shirts. Since I love old vintage clothing, I love it even more that I don’t have to modernized them to our new decade myself. Fashion designers are creating 70’s inspired clothing but with that modern touch. You can go to stores like Bebe or even Forever21 and find trends like these anywhere. ❤