Monthly Archives: November 2011

Thanksgiving <3


Everybody’s favorite holiday is here, THANKSGIVING! Why? you ask, it’s because it’s the most laziest holiday if the year. On Thanksgiving most family eat all day and watch football. I was looking at Thanksgiving pictures from old ads and I came across one that just made me think how Thanksgiving has change. Most family in this generation doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving dinner or they don’t spend it with their family. Now I say “New generation get into the spirit because you only have one family!”;  unlike in past generation when there is actually a sit down dinner and everybody say what they are thankful for. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Enjoy =)




Beyonce is an iconic artist that has use various vocals style in her songs. In her new album “4” she talks about love, now who can say no to that! My favorite song is 1+1 because she talks about how her love and devotion will conquer anything that would stand in the way between her and love one’s relationship. Which is something everyone can relate to at a certain point in their lives. There’s a undescribeable strong feeling when she sings this song that is over whelming, as if you were in a relationship and you and that special someone are most powerful thing in the world. I love this song! ❤

Pastel Green is that Color… Tiffany’s!


“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is my favorite movie of all times. It was released in the 1960’s starting my favorite, fantastic, fabulous actress Audrey Hepburn. What makes this movie so special that even the most naive and dreams people can live their lives to the fullest and fall madly in love. Tiffany’s is the place for dreams and ambitious people to get away and dream about what they can have.

New Obsession


So lately I have a new obsession with vintage tees. There are so fashionable and you can through them on with anything. In fall 2011 you can throw them on with a pair on knee-high boots or dress it and wear a fluff ballerina skirt. Finish your outfit with awesome accessories to polish your look. Right now have a sale on vintage t-shirts for $10. Go shop and stay ahead with the trend.